Ashes in the Snow

Written by: Rauwolfia van Raaij

Around a winter fire’s flames
That in the night did glow,
We sat and waited for the words
of "Once, long long ago..."

The wind roamed through the forest trees
As beams of moonlight fell.
My fingers twisted in the snow
As midnight cast its spell.

We saw the graves of ancient kings 
Now resting with their scars,
We heard the legends of their lives
Beneath the winter stars.

We watched as poets penned each phrase
In words that still do last,
And saw the dreamers dream their dreams,
The dreamers of the past.

So years have gone, and I look back
At ashes in the snow,
Where fires burned till late at night
With tales of long ago.

The wind still roams among those trees
And stars still come at eve,
And when the winter dusk returns
I don my coat and leave.

I walk the oh so well known path
Still white with timeless snow,
And far ahead, between the trees,
I see the fire’s glow.

As once I waited in the ring
For night to cast its spell,
As once I listened to the tales
It’s now my turn to tell.