Written by: Jonathan Sumiguin

                             nothing to do but pretending
                       the things we had is just assuming
                            eager to accept but denying
                       the things we had is indeed confusing
                               as if a deaf as if a blind
                        dont know how to speak the mind
                             cut the tie that really binds
                             but the truth is just behind
                  youre a valiant guard with a powerful might
                     but it steals your heart without your sight
                     like a creeping thief in the darkest night
                     like a colorful butterfly with a painful bite
                                so hot it is you will feel
                              a shivering cold if it is real
                           makes a right to a very wrong
                     changes the weak to a brave & strong

                           IF IM AN ANGEL YOUR IN HELL
                           ID CUT MY WING & I'D FELL
                          & IF GOD COMES TO DISAGREE
                   ID CONFESS TO HIM WERE MEANT TO BE !
                                     people do crazy lies
                              just to reach heavenly skies
                                people laugh & people cry
                              just because love in disguise