Almost Lover

Written by: Helen Forber

How do we get past this?
Do we even have a choice?
I know it can’t go further,
But it seems I’ve lost my voice.

Already with another,
I can’t claim you as my own.
Am I wasting moments?
While I sit and wait alone.

I don’t know how to stop this,
Not even sure I could,
Enjoying time together,
They way I knew we would.

Pursuing lost potential,
Ideals that will not pass.
How much should be invested,
When I know it will not last. 

Do you want a lover?
Uncomplicated fun?
Will you take advantage?
Should I stay or should I run?

Running leaves me tired,
It doesn’t change a thing.
Time will still have passed us,
And the pain of it will sting. 

Almost something special,
Do I stop and take a stance?
Years ago, long ago…
I would have stood a chance.

I feel I’ve known you always,
That it’s right when it is wrong.
Someone else who loves you, 
So I stay and yet I long… 

Do you think it easy?
What of the effects?
Do you think I’m coping?
Or is this just a test?

I know you think me hardy,
That I’m fine the way we are.
Don’t presume to know me,
Or how I feel at heart. 

Time will show our ending,
A start of something new?
If that is not the answer, 
Then the start of leaving you…