Love Yourself

Written by: Stepheney hernandez

Belittled, you fiddled with me? You messed up true indeed and frankly I am insulted by your 
own ignorance. Why are you messing with my temperament? 
Sorry u couldn’t trust yourself to trust me, but sorry for you because trust creates love and 
growth God lives in me; but the black shadow that controls your soul, won’t let my light shine 
through you.
Given you myself Omni presently, you drained me from my hopes of you. Forced to see your 
truth, instead of enjoying the presence of my greatness, you pulled out your root.
Leaving me confused and unsettled with myself as I failed when in reality I am won, I opened 
my heart to fully someone and given them the pleasure of knowing thoroughly and to ME is to 
love me…. So if you don’t then that only means you don’t love your enough to let my love, 
love you.