Sun Has Gone Down

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

The Sun
             has gone down
                                     The light
                                                   engulfed by dark
                                                                            could not warm me
                                          The last hand wanting
  stayed lingered in the air
 stayed sitting lonely
                                Watching the first wave goodbye
                                                                              that is
when my heart decided:
                                         Decisions shouldn't own me
I stayed there transparent
                                        and let the blackness shade me
Sitting on a revisited shoulder
                                       there new life contemplates me
washing eyes in night air
                                       The Moon shall serenade leads
will I follow is the answer
                                    I am stuck in hold me
Shallow and full of concentrated sighs
                                              in the mist of night
            my head could only sees
The Sun
           has gone down
                                and my heart still only bleeds