Written by: Sierra Biersack

This poem, is special
This poem, is going to be the best,
This poem, you will love
Andrew, this poem, is for you. 

Baby, you are my whole world,
I love you with all my heart,
You have stolen my heart,
And i don't want it back.
I love you so much Andrew,
Don't ever forget that,
Without you, i would be lost,
I would not know what to do.
That is why,
I am so afraid to loose you.

Soon, you will have a phone,
Soon we can talk on the phone hours a day,
Soon hopefully you have a webcam,
Soon we can Skype for hours and hours.
Soon i can see your face.

I have hope that you will come here,
So that we can meet,
And be together at last.
This long distance relationship may be hard,
But baby, i know we will get through it.

Love does not have a distance,
You can love anyone,
No matter where in the world they are,
You just have to believe that it will las,
And baby, i believe.
I do more than believe,
i KNOW it will last,
I Love You Andrew.