my greatest quest

Written by: john. M diketane

I awake each morning to find that I have no delight in sleep.
Passing minutes and wasted hour in self indulging acts.
I yearn for a revelation above my own ambtion and for its lack I weep.
Living each day with a great desire for knowledge beyond doubtable facts.
I seem to always end up here where all I have is a wish and an idea.
I wonder oh I wonder if the true enemy to my progress is fear.
And if it be so then surely I must be both the master and da slave.
Slave to my sinful nature and master to the destiny I most desire.
And with this knowledge I must possess the key of light with this darkened cave.
Yet here I sit delighted in tears like an honourable thief to moments I steal.
Moments I waste as I sit and ponder ever so deep in thoughts that only lack action.
I too long to smile for reason either than self gratification oh that joy I long to feel.
So now I truly knw even as I refuse to accept that my present life has no progression.
I wish I could do more than knw and not fear leaving my comfort zone as venture,
Into a quest of unfortold glory as a slave myself once more to the true master of 
My next and greatest adventure.