Written by: Jessica Arteaga

Life is hazing
people dazing
have you ever pulled a gun inside your head?
blow out your brain and still have your mind instead...


those words sound nice but don't come right in bed
waking for a drill but drinking at a bar for bread

life is joking
people choking
ever wonder why the old man just laughs at you?
smiles at your position, knows that your a dead man too...

Inner voices

Awkward choices
Mail bride orders

Thumbing borders
Hoping wishes
Easy dishes

Washing dreams
Alien schemes
Lion cowards
Rusty showers
Utilized mirrors
Synchronized prisoners

life is smoking
people toking
notice how your eyes have turn out to be a no hand clue
is it me or now you turn to know your crazy too?

coo coo ca choo coo coo ca choo...