Written by: Jessica Arteaga

See the sun going down
golden glory sighing lone
time for his existence to be known
for when he leaves the others cry:

O light that shines, don't  show then hide
for we are hungry to survive
your golden fingers; Midas touch
leave not solid, but warm and lush
how could our aloe leaves than sooth
If you just come to surely move

Yet the sun keeps slowing thrown
and peers to those who blow their moan
just smiles with eyes of lion sight
and blast his rays with all his might;
his last goodbye before he goes
and whispers to those what they should know:

In the night there's much to fear
of odd creatures and noises queer
but the moon will glow her stories
and luminate her lullabies
so bud your heads and clover in sleep

For in the night you grow
and have the day to sweep