Between Me And You

Written by: Larry McMillan Jr.

Don’t misunderstand me. Don’t be misconstrued.
I’m cool, calm and collective in everything I say and do.

Yet, I fear no man but God. Look me in the eyes -
And see for yourself if it’s true or if it’s a lie.

One thing’s for certain. Two things are for sure.
Many have risen. - Many are no more.

Some with the cruelest intentions have even swung the ax.
1 even dabbled in the dark dimensions 2 use magic that’s black.

And we all know about that. What u send out comes back.
You reap what you sow. That’s a biblical fact.

I’m just real talk N. You don’t have to listen.
But like vitamins to the body - principles are essential for long live N.

You’re no better than me. I’m no better than you.
I also was once blind, but now I see to.

Knowing this is the line that separates a wise man from a fool.
But shush.  Keep this on the low - Between Me And You.