Written by: Carol Zic

Slim is lean, tall, muscled and an inarticulate mass
Of loyalty, independence, pride and downright Western class
Cocking his hat just so he lets loose with his infectious grin
Testosterone overflowing, he’s masculine up to the brim
Mumbling "Shucks" he’ll duck his head and charm the ladies
Saddle-born, he loves the horse he calls "Lazy, Nuts, and Crazy"
Slim kin drink, git drunk, cuss and dance a mean square
He kin hunt, trap, fish and if put to it outrun a riled-up bear
Slim spits, chaws, farts, smokes hand-rolled and sings off-key
He shoots, ropes, hogties, brands and whistles at cows in high C
He’s an introverted soul, painfully shy and awkward in society
The ranch boss’ only daughter says she wants to marry him
Slim and her did hanky and panky after drinking some gin
Slim’s face reddens up to his hair from his chin
Thinking it’s about time to ride out on the wind
Riding tall into the sunset he canters without a backward glance
Looking for the next ranch on open range to give him a chance
To punch a few cows, work a round-up, find a new gal to romance
A Cowboy Is, Why Bless My Soul, It's Slim.