You must go on

Written by: shams alsaidi

You must go on!

Our present is dark and  full of sorrow
And fog is blocking our view of tomorrow
But your fate and mine are intertwined
Thus, you must go on, don't look behind.

With your hand in mine, we will reach the moon
And defeat the storms and the heat of June!
Our sinister ambience we shall allude.
And paint the world with a joyful mood.

The caliber of darkness is hard to defeat
Yet, if you stay with me, we will be complete
Our unison discharges a piercing light;
obscurity shall dissolve and we will be alright!

The dispiriting whispers are like asphyxiating weeds
That smother your courage and uproot its seeds
The tumbling fortress of your soul,
Will be restored if you pursue your goal.

Yesterday, when the ships of the world
betrayed us and overboard we got hurled
Remember, how you and I, boarded our dreams
as  vessels until we reached those translucent streams.

The promising portrait of the coming dawn
Across our horizons will soon be drawn
Just one more step, don't look away
Witness the birth of a new day!