Final Admittance Part 3

Written by: Justin Robbins

You want to be my friend, something you already had,
Now my friend you left, and its truly sad.
You said I deserve better, what where you thinking,
You where the one that stopped my heart from sinking.
I'm trying to be a man, and just let you go,
Just how much this hurt me you will never know.
I can say this and I could say that,
But the truth is in my arms is where you should be at.
There is no doubt not even a guess,
My heart belongs to you I must confess.
In ways I was lucky, if you take the pain away,
Because I got to have, that one special day.
To hold you in my arms, believing you would be around,
At least for a short time, my angel I had found.
Somewhere I was blind, and I let you fly away,
Those sweet I love you's ill never again hear you say.
I wish you would call, but wishes never come true,
Cause these words "Come back" ill never hear from you.
So ill just sit here lonely depressed and numb,
And deal with the reality, that you where the one.