Being Me

Written by: Justin Robbins

The darkness coming,
As I turn off the light,
The evil inside,
Takes shape and flight.
Like a lark,
With a evil kiss,
Taking my breath,
Leaving an abyss.
Trapped inside my mind,
So loudly I scream,
I hate these mucking nightmares,
I don’t want to dream.
Everything's escaping my grasp,
The tears falling like rain,
No one to dry them,
Its driving me insane
I hear all there voices,
As I answer there questions,
I cant face there memories,
I hate there mucking lessons.
Are they telling the truth,
Is this all I'm meant to be,
Everything that’s spoilt nothingness,
Then I don’t want to be me.
I don’t want them to see,
What I am inside,
I've always failed,
At everything I've tried.
I pick myself up,
Only to be knocked down,
My smile is only,
An upside down frown.