Van Buren Station

Written by: James Rasmusson

On high-back benches
weary shoppers clutch their parcels
and slump.
Wrapped in a yellow green haze
Van Buren station sleeps
beneath Chicago's vibrant streets.

Outside, on wood-plank platform
we drink-in the coffee warmth
of October's fleeting sun.

"South Chicago, 23rd, 47th, 53rd, 57th"

Like some unraveling mass of I-beam steel
the tracks begin to rumble and shake.
The slant nosed Metra comes and goes.

Across the tracks in autumn plume
Grant Park displays her rows of golden elms.
A nor’ east wind dances bow upon bow,
with a gentle sway that shears away
a sifting rain of harvest leaves.

"Park Forest South, 23rd, 47th, 53rd, 57th"

On the slant nosed Metra
I hurry home.