An angels wing

Written by: Edward Orozco

My dearest friend, i truly hope these words of council find you well
Word has come upon my ear that you are in much need of a warm speech
Means find me not suited to come exchange words personally, yet my soul is with you
Yes many moons have passed since we last stood to our own shadows, this i cant deny
Only if you knew of recent events that have scared my spirit deeply ever now
Loose not thy faith, for at times like this it is the only warmth that one could find real
The hand of life presses firmly on, yet i plea to you and stand strong it will be hard
Open your eyes, and bless Him that loves us all, His life he gave that you may draw breath
Gently feel the wind, listen it whispers of better times that are still to come
Pay mind to the wise council of God, for joy lays in the days of he whom keeps it
Lift your troubles, embrace the present, look back knowing it's long gone
Learn if you can, mistakes only aid the growth of wisdom in each spirit
Ignore the tounges that speak to their own benefit, seek the joy of your own soul
Dont you see tomorrow they claim their joy, least you whom still seeks to theirs
Aid those whom you can, tomorrows moon will look down upon you with gratitude
For those whom aid the sons of God, build treasure up in heven where rust ceases to be
Let the colors of life be painted unto your canvas where your story begins
Bear the fruits of whom you are high, for life alone is but a gift
Love with your all, make mistakes we all fall short from the glory of God
He knows you better than anyone else, love Him and see his blessing poured unto you
Listen that my verse fades unto nothing, pause and take note of facts that stand
My knowledge comes from one greater over all the earth
Jehova my God loves you, take  then hope beneath my wing, and angels wing