Written by: Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi

Is this as far as we go?

This seemingly promising egg

Laid by the keen hopes of love

Rearing deliberate cracks...

Is this how far froth

Kisses my feet?

Will not come much further

And envelope my entirety in it's grasp?

Is this the end of promised

Rain on drought?

See, how deep the dryness

Has eaten into earth!

The bell has lost its pendulum,

The clock overticks,

Music lingers yet  finds no voice

To unleash its waves.

My eyes have clutched the red-mail,

My hearts to be ripped out

If i do not wrestle with the wall,

If i do not lick feet,

Mere feats of a dog.

Am i a dog?

Should i be a dog?

Why should i be a dog?

I am originally man!

Then, the knot is tied.

I have no teeth,

The air made me old enough to loose them.

My fingers are frail, voice caught by wiles,

No voice to hearken to a kind friend.

So here i am in frenzied silence sober,

Looking up to this white statue

With frozen stretched arms,

Hoping to be embraced?