Written by: melvin beckley

Walk side with me to a valley,
And we shall be yonder pleasures of heavens light,
Of whose firmament, hills, groves, shining woods presume wonder.
And we will weight off our feet upon the hills,
Seeing swains tends to their torn flocks,
Quails harping to harmonic tunes,
       	And we shall made mat of Ambrosia,
	With fragrant from Acacia, Aster, Azalea and Arum,
	A hat of Begonia and a Larkspur crème,
        Cross-stich with the bark of yellow birch.
Which through our intimate loving lay rest,
A metal slipper for the snows,
With buckle fashioned from alloyed silver,
An apple from Janna,
  	If suited thee
Walk side with me to a valley.
The tunes of heaven shall we dance,
	A coffee for your morning
If such picture delights thy heart, move
      Walk with me to the valley, and be my Joy.