Written by: Wiko Te Maru

All the lives whom've died. All now lying asleep in harmony and peace but leaving this world 
in agony. Innocent lives being pushed aside, like A tsunami passing by destroying everything 
within that moment of time. Is it classed as murder? for Mother Nature to hurt her, or take 
his life or even his wife? or brothers and sisters life cutting threw them like A knife. Or is it 
just classed as Life? Buildings crumbling causing pain leaving nothing but A blood stain, 
leaving ones heart in pain. Looking at the destruction to all the constructions, houses 
crumbled to see everyones hearts were no longer humbled. Moments before the skies were 
blue, the birds were all singing A tune. The grass was green the streets were clean everyone 
was relieved and in an instant everyone started to scream. Everything came down like A 
tear falling from A cloud. The sky was grey people started to pray, how can we sleep when 
this will forever haunt ones dreams, for we are going to wake up and see that this is reality. 
But life must go on for 22-02-2011 was yesterday and today is A new day. The page has 
been written but we can still write A better ending in our grace and unite as one race and 
put smiles back onto everyones face, even though they have no reason to smile we can still 
make their lives worth while.
Christchurch New Zealand .
- Wiko Te Maru