Todays been rough

Written by: Bobb Marly

Feeling so tired and my nerves are wired
Freinds dog barking mine whineing my teeth grinding
First of the month pay the bills do repairs losing more hair
Middle of the month broke again grab a piece of paper and try to clear my mind with 
my pen
Heart pounding it wants out head swelling on the vurge of exsplodeing
Nerves so tight about to pop I just wish this spinning would stop
I am gratefull for what I have but my family is stressed and I am dad
I feel every thing that they go through and with out my wifes support I don't know 
what to do
I help others who are hurting too I hear from God and tell what He said to do
But my own will not hear me they brush me aside I am dad arn't I supposed to be 
their guide
I don't rule with an iron hand I don't force myself I try to understand
I don't let them do what will hurt them and us I try to exsplain and not raise a fuss
But pention money is always short and I feel like a bum because I can not support
I'm getting futher and further behind and my family is pulling further away I feel like 
I am losing my mind
In this world I do have trouble and I get down in the dirty rubble
Father hears me and He knows it is hard He knows it hurts me like glass shards
I need to be patient I need to be calm He won't let us fall from His palm
Better times are comeing of this I am sure opportunity will come Knocking and I will 
answer the door