An allegory of my life

Written by: Bobb Marly

7 Aug 08 1:00 PM 

I once thought I had awaken from a dream.
I bolted upright and let out scream!  
I ran from my bed and out the front door jumped into my boat and grabbed for the 
I rowed down the street and took a left on main and lost one oar cause it stuck in a 
But I kept on rowing as hard as I could round in a circle like a good soldier should.  
I never gave up and I didn’t quit, until my last oar in two halves it split. 

Then I really woke up and realized the dream and pondered all day just what it 
might mean.  
In life we hurry and worry so much, we don’t even take time to finish our lunch.  
I’ve got to do this I’ve got to do that, take care of the dogs take care of the cats.  
I’ve got to go here I’ve got to go there.  
I know my keys are here hiding somewhere.  
Around and around where I’m going I don’t know.  
I’ve worked  and worked and have so little to show. 
But then my oar broke and I finally stopped and out of that boat I came with a hop! 

My head has quit spinning and now I can see, 
My purpose my treasures. . . . are God and my family