Harmonica's in the Wind

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

Fall had just begun and the wind was whisping through the trees.
A first cool breeze.
The sun was setting and all was quiet, a silent harmony.

Way off in the distance I began to hear a hum of music.
It sounded like harmonica's in the wind.

As I was taken back in time, when family was plentiful, gathering and singing.
Aunts and Uncles with grandparents and all the kin.

As the sound got closer and closer, it was Harmonica's in the wind.
For as the trees began to sway from side to side it was as if the music was 
pushing the trees aside to get through.

Recognizing the hymns one after another I began to wander if what I was hearing
was real.
The more I thought about it the less I heard, and I decieded it wasn't.

Since then, I continue to hear the harmonica's in the wind.

One great hyme after another, are those great Harmonica's in the wind.

Copyright@2010                                                  Mary M.McShirley Kilker