Watching My Life Fall Apart

Written by: Sierra Biersack

Alone, lost, confussed, broken, lost hope.
That is everything i feel.
i cant help it, its like watching a movie, but watching myself fall apart
it is like torcher, 
i am always alone, but that is my choice,
i am broken, ive been broken a couple of times,
i honestly dont believe in love anymore,
i have lost hope in love, it never last,
not true love, because their is no such thing.
im confussed,
where is my life going?
am i going to be emo forever?
will i ever get through this?
will i ever find someone that i really love?
so many questions,
and no answers for them. I think i should just leave the world,
becasue it is no fun watching my life, fall apart.
itslike im breaking my heart more and more everyday,
all the dreams, everything i want to come true, 
but deep down i know, it's never gonna happen,
just the thought of it,
breaks me into even more depression and sorrow..