The Windswept

Written by: dave archuletta

...With time, she felt a deepening sense of regret, a loneliness of heart. It was as if she had 
accepted this building pain as her destiny. Whenever she spoke of the adoption, in her voice 
was this seemingly self-tasked penance. 

In analogy, it reminded him of when he once stood on a hilltop - mesmerized while staring at a 
fence after a summer's pouring rain.

Something forlorn of song was left in the air... 

Heard were mystic cries for the windswept; a conjuring loosed by the storm's now empty 
tailing winds that went rushing thru and by the long weathered pickets of a lonely snow fence. 

Gleaned were the eerie sounds of souls that stood in phalanx, waiting for the cold, cold 
company charged to all's every winter's keep....