Wedding Bells in Neverland

Written by: Annalee Pierce

The Lost Boys wear our worn-out ties
As we give our man away
The man of the hour  wipes his hands
On his sleeves
And has one last pep talk with his old man
He watches her as she walks 
Down the aisle
Someone brought their violin
He kisses her cheek and shakes hands with her
She whispers, “I love you, Dad” before the
Wedding bells ring

His bride, she is beautiful, radiant in white
She hands her flowers to the 
Maid of honor
When the last note of the canon dies
The whole place smells like roses, and the 
Preacher starts to speak
No one dares utter a single sound to 
Challenge their eternal peace
The doves cry out in happiness;
They fill the air
With joyful song
The fish in the sea found his one true love
And today she’ll take his

Then it’s time to say their vows. They look
Into each other’s eyes
He vows to never leave her, and to always
Treat her right
She’s asked to love him always, and to this
She says, “I do”
Then a cheer rises high to meet
The man and his bride
And the Lost Boys blow our kazoos

The two ride away late into the night
After hours of dancing 
And fun
With a salute to our captain, and a bow 
To our queen
Our sparklers light up the sky
We bid them farewell with cake on our faces
As the newlyweds tell us