Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

What was this land like many centuries ago?
           Furbished and full.
For is it science or religion that will make us a whole?
           That would actually touch our soul.
Like babies once born of the pure.
            Now filled with chemical aftermath and no cure.
Has living this live been done in vain?
            Does experimenting have no shame?
Those ultimate ships that once sailed the blue.
             For discovery of something new.
Fashioned dresses that went from foot to hip.
             Beauty is that of ownership.
Transportation that was once by horse.
             Now is space of course.
Schooling that was so simple then.
             Computers now until the end.
The one room shacks with a dirt floor.
             Modular homes with sinks of brushed chrome.
Fresh drinking water from a near by mountain stream.
             Tanted city water claiming to be clean.
Land of plentiful virgin timber untouched by man.
             Acre after acre of raped land.
Small buisnesses were built to get us by.
             Skyscrapers were built and why?
We went from two parent familes with much stability.
             Single teen mothers what a shame, no parenting skills children untamed.
Murderers were hung in the city square.    
             Now walking the streets to support their career of crime.
How man has made a place that we are to call our country, our land of
             the free and the brave a danger to our childrens grandchildren.