Written by: Robert Long Mellott


With a quick turn 
of her tongue 
I am cut 
to the bone 

With a swift turn 
of her blade, 
a sharp word 
on the phone 

I lay there 
taking it, 
letting the blood 
slowly flow 

Your words 
are your weapons, 
I brace myself 
awaiting the final blow 

Inside I scream… 

With a quick burn 
a cauterized soul 
a hardened heart 
gaze back in my eye 

I am changed… 
a new… 

It is now your turn 
to try and fill the hole 
in your patterned part 
I no longer believe your lie 

I am the teflon heart 
from this day forward 
to never know pain 
or joy from the start

rlm '06