The Blossoming Rose

Written by: Michael Todd

The Rose grows
    in a quiet place now
    where none ever would before,
in a secret garden
    next to a hidden well
    all kept deep inside
                    my heart.

Many times when I would
    think of you,
    a seed
would get planted in my garden,
    but, the water from
        the well
    was not enough
        to germinate
        the seed,
so the rose
    couldn't grow.

After years
    and years
of thoughts
    and thinking
    about you,
you came back
    into my life
and the well
that was drying up
    found itself
    a new source
        of water,
    a meandering brook
    moved and shaped
    by heavenly forces
    now helped to fill up and feed
                                        the well.

As my daily time
    with you increased,
    more seeds were planted
    with one, so far, taking root.
Combining waters from the brook
    and the well
    plus lots of sunlight,
the Rose is growing
    and starting to blossom.

It’s living on my love
    (the hidden well),
            your love
    (the meandering brook),
        and God’s love
    (the Son’s Light).

I believe now this Rose
    will continue to thrive
    in the secret garden
                of my heart
    as my love for you
            will always be,
    so will the Rose
                never die.