TOGETHER: Sleeping

Written by: Michael Todd

A long day
of play
becomes a night
to stay

After prepping
for bed,
we're in it
and it's soon
lights off
and hugs on.

For I can't be
near you
and not
hug you, hold you,
touch you
and thank you
for being with, caring for and loving me --
just a man you've rescued
from many lonely moments
spread over years
that have made towels wet with tears.

Sleeping together
brings more peace
to my soul
than you will ever know,
so, please stay,
I never want you to go
not now, not ever.
Let's just sleep
in every kind of weather --
rainy with thunder
with our eyes full of wonder
or so clear and cold
we'll snore till we're old.

No matter what
the night outside is like,
inside, my arms
will remain locked
and warm
around you
in a forever hug
until dawn.

Please stay,
don't leave,
being with me always
is what I have to believe.

Sleeping together
allows us to show
all the forms of love
our God wants us to know,
not a shallow love
but one very deep
that will last
for forever each day
and night
when again we get
to sleep, love and heal
from wounds that life
inflicts on us
in its own weary way.