Written by: Michael Todd

Utter silence fills our room
except for your breathing.
I can’t tell if you’re in a dream
or just deeply asleep,
but I love your sounds
in my ears
and feeling your body
next to mine.

Do I love you too much?
Is that why I’m pinching myself
to make sure I’m not stuck
in a dream world of my own creation.

You don’t think too highly
of yourself and would be saying
“You are silly.”
When it comes to how I feel
about feeling you next to me.

I want to live in this moment forever
knowing you are ok and here,
not 60 miles away
which always felt like 600.

The first ray of sunlight
slips through the blinds
and I make too much noise
so that your sleepy eyes now
crack open enough
to stare me down
as I say “Good morning my lady.”

You stretch, yawn and move around
such that your body awakens mine more
and reminds me of the sweet loving
we shared last night.

But, I’ll be good and let you
awaken fully before
I attack you with hugs and kisses,
please God never let me get tired of those –
don’t want to break my promise of endless affection.
As you roll over onto me
your beautiful smile lifts my spirit,
your eyes light mine with their twinkling
and your arms curve around me
in our first big hug of the day.

Soon our legs are locked
followed by tender kisses
and loving stares
at each other,
and we realize
that waking up together
is still amazing,
still a blessing
and still wonderful.

We talk a bit
about yesterday
and plan today
then take deep breaths
part our bodies 
and continue
this new day
that God has granted us