Crying with the Winds

Written by: Michael Todd

You'll be disappointed
    to know
that I tried not to cry
    but failed.

When your voice on the phone
    faded away
I missed you even more
    and remembered
being pinned down and covered
    by your loveliness
only one week before.

The warm feel of you
    on my chest, stomach and back
enveloped my heart and soul
    in the most loving
and caring way
    that I can't help
wanting you here again
    right now.

I'd almost fallen asleep
    when the winds began howling outside
and I did a little crying
    on the inside.

I so wanted to be
    pinned down by you
decades ago,
    only to find out that
our love was real all along
    and my heart aches now
wanting to beat next to yours.

Our hearts will be one on one again
    and we'll be very thankful
on that day and others to follow.

Until then we'll talk and text
    and soon I'll happily hug you again
and let you pin me down
    in your loving embrace
while I stare into your lovely face.

I'll try not to cry
    with these winds
for much longer,
    but will instead pray
to see you in my dreams
    and trust in God that you'll be okay.