It's Love I Suppose So 2

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 Love for me is just full of slope
 For you and I there's just little hope
 It’s love I suppose so
 That made me to be fallen
 Both of us have different avenues,
 Crescent lives in this life's calling
 Because of the lads, I would continues
 They waited for those moments, hours
 Days running in weeks, months in years
 And coming to these moments.

 I, candle must flow pure like wax
 In your infinite burning,
 The broken shell on your tortoise skin
 I shall lie with heartache concerning for you too,
 And say deeply, deeply and deeply in my slumbering
 I am simply sorry silently to you
 That is when it comes to you,
 I could not cast Haydon nor would I be
 After all I have gone through no, I wouldn't be
 That, that's the way I 'm acting;
 We bared white fangs for white batons to redding
 And danced and threw out the fists,
 The liberty lads have jamboree, all have done,
 Then you had begun
 Your loneliness would continue through
 Another day without me being there,
 Even your loneliness lasting through
 These moments, hours, days, weeks
 And the months running into years
 And to these moments.

 Shikena! Plus or minus
 Walk a decision, a mile choice
 Just take the long or short way
 The dirt or tan roads whichever way,
 Watching the back turn into darkness
 Not for roses blossoming for another day
 But disappear into gray blanket of dusk,
 The black fingers have curse the hollow
 Eyes as if closed
 And rushes on, like a nigger in emotional wetness;
 Say goodbye to express better which has come to worst,
 Cry farewell to Adonis who has come, waiting to go
 And shout Tara Tara to the tall Antelope
 Thinking the dwarf Tiger won't close up.