Rulers and Looters

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

    I was told in the beginning
    That a wish may not well be  unicorn
    With two winged thrust-thronged
    To soar upon the cumulus,
  And for those who are wishing
  Wishes to fall on their laps
  Were wholly rendered redundant,
  Those who want to attain,
  Tainted and tarnished past attainment
  Forgetting forward fortune
  And glory in goods temporary.
  Now those who dole out mischief;
  Sowing the seed of acrimony
  Rotten in corruptible credo
  Reshuffling reservoir of redundancy
  To establish the roots of inertia,
  Of Demo-CRAZY
  Of masq-UERADES
  Of lob-BEASTS
  Of cons-titu-PATION
  Of elders
  Of fools
  Of economy
  Of pain
  Of nemesis
  Of crying jags
  And hopelessness, deep furrows on wanton minds
  Remembering the deceit of denigration
  That brought doomed to deserving daddies
  That it is always a surprise,
  Unwilling stallion in the midst
  Of same blind, semblance sahibs,
  A remembrance of the past remembrance
  Raising the boys to take the Salutary gauntlet
  of the favour done
  To pave the way
  For stock taking and a quiet get out,
  Of the unending, pass measure euphoria,
  Then it fell on the laps
  Of a fiery warrior; then
  The dance of the macabre
  And a sycophantic applause,
  Mutatis mutandis, endless queues
  Of rebounding stomachs 
  Roaming, rounder the ruins
  Recounting remnant reservoir
  Denouncing, declaring deceiving
  All one enmeshed in the same pot
  For the final stir of the arbiter.