Growing Up

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  Growing up that age,we‘ve grown out
  Of mothers bosom into streets,
  With sown leather that bounces
  Up and down among us,
  Gone far and wide, swimming in lakes
  Of Spirogyra green and tea brown water,
  Caught the silvery tilapia and slippery heels as game,
  And sold them for bread,

  Self inflicted hungered, afflicted;
  Though large ladles were waiting,
  The rowdy rascal would  returned
  With impunity and stumped to their leftover;
  And Shepherds echoed and neigh expressed
  Our wandering out and about.
  Now that we 've outgrown,
  We have left such things that made a lad  again,
  And looked toward the future
  When we would be father-like
  To little ones,
  We shall spit out and bellow nothing to naughty
  While to them the beds they would lay,
  And dose and dream of carbuncles, sapphire and crystal rocks,
  Floating oarless in the breeze of aquamarine riches
  And falling into bottomless abyss,
  Till  clock crow it is soon morning,
  And woke with tears all stick up to faces,