The Blend that Produces Love

Written by: Diane Locksley

When we look toward sea, the mountains and the stars 
We send kisses to our Creator from afar
Essence of Godliness is love from the very start
Growth's purity in all life forms from common heart
We admire nature and have feelings for friends too
 There are many types of love, a source that renews
Stars twinkle in heaven and in lovers eyes as well
Infatuation seems much like a magical spell
A young mother’s face the radiant complexion
 Her new babe under breast, thus still in incubation
A special bond exists between owners and pets 
Unconditional love received of both, no regrets
Love is power to all life forms in their actions
Humans have moral choice in their chosen factions
True love in marriage two special devoted spouses 
Virtuousness of women makes homes of houses
A man that respects womanhood makes a mother proud
Not drunken wife beater on the town getting loud
When you mix faith, trust loyalty and devotion
Then you have perfected the loving emotion
*Entry for the collaboration contest on what love means