Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  The man looked at the unprofitable world
  Then decided it was no place for him,
  Toughen up his mind to go, to a fool's paradise;
  Twined his neck in rope to heaven,
  Waving and twisting like a ripe calabash to get
  The tight noose out of gullet,
  And there, it has past that stress eroded life;
  Moved on biting his forefinger like meat,
  What about mama and her cradle child,
  She prevented it to come to the world not
  To smell the prepared poison that man has made,
  And it came after all
  To fulfill all naturedness;
  And she chef a pot
  Of pudding on fire,
  The baby swam head first,well cooked
  As it last, mourning
  Mama shed a rhino tears.