Visiting Granma

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  Grandma, you look fresh like the morning dew,
 O! it is the herb Of paw paw leaves
  And dried snake skin, I drank,
  Grandma, flies are too many here,
  When flies perch on you
  Don’t drive, else
  You will invite trouble on you.
  Grandma, its hot here,
  Remove no hair
  From your brow, else you
  will get lost,

  Grandma, I am tired
  It is not good to yawn
  In the noon, else
  You will be in debt,

  Grandma, I’ll rest a bit,
  Rest not your head
  Against the wall,
  Else the spirits Will be angry,

  Grandma, I am thirsty,
  Drink water away from the pot
  Else your head gets hot,

  Grandma, I will sing a song
  Do not whistle to the baby
  Else she becomes dump.

  Grandma, the Chameleon
  Leave the chameleon
  On the rafter
  For they rebel sickness,

  Grandma, the dog is howling
  Let the dog cry
  For it shoo off evil spirits,

  Grandma, I think I will be going
  Back to city today.