The sky above

Written by: kelvin omar

Act 1
I fly across a not so blue sky
To go and seek the truth
To go and clear these lies
To search for peace of mind

Memories of a distant past
And burdens of the distant future
Wondering how long they last
Guessing this is the fate of my nature

Act 2
I just know that
Somewhere I’m needed
Just can’t help it 
My wings are bleeding
Time is late
Night and day
I guess all I can do
Is simply wait

Learning that as long as there’s life there’s hope
Knowing that somehow I will learn to cope
All we see is perspective not true
That’s why it’s hard to sing the blues
However I still fly
At long last I will be part of the sky

Act 3
I can no longer fly
I walk starring at the sky
Still rosebuds fly intoxicating the air
Letting me know hope is still there
To go seek the gift of God
To go seek the endless rod