Life on Fire

Written by: Michael Todd

The call comes in,
   the bell clangs
and off I go
   to try and rescue you
from people and things
   in your life
that are hurting you
   and setting your emotions
on fire again.

The flames roar
   as I break through one door
after another
   with only have the water
from my tears
   to use against tonight's fire
and it's not enough.

My emotions are also
   becoming scorched,
so I pray more
   and cry more
but, it doesn't
   seem to help.

And I hear
   your voice
while I race about
   trying to find
what room
   you are trapped in.

You're screaming
   "get me out of here!"
as I knock down
   door after door.
I yell back to you,
   "I'm here, follow my voice!"

By now your life
   is really on fire
and I'm crying more tears
   trying to put out the flames.

And I scream
   at our God, 
"Why are you doing this!?"

Then I stop
   and look
for some signs of you,
   hoping you've heard me
or God has shown you
   the way to safety.

And I see one room
   then another crumble
to the ground,
   and pray
you're not in them
   then I start to feel the burns
on my face and hands.

If you don't
   hear me soon
or can't get out
   on your own
then this firefighter
   has failed you again.

And this nightmarish dream
   that has become all too real
may be replayed over and over.

Only God knows
   whether we'll survive
these flames
   or if we'll take too long
to get out together in time.