The last mistake

Written by: Bobb Marly

28 Feb 2011  9:45 AM


When the strong are weak dose that make you depressed?

When the hope filled become the hopeless

Do you see them as a mess


When the ones you look up to

fall and fail to live up to

Do you run away from them or do you run to


When your teacher fails to be wise

Do you still admire or do you dispise

Do you think what you thought was wise 
or is it now all lies


Ups and downs is the lives of us all

No one is perfect no one at all

Everyone excells and everyone falls


Those that fail and try again learn well the lessons of mistakes

Those that fail and then give up can never see past that one mistake

When you fail and fail you will get up and try again 
success will come when you make the last mistake.