when she said goodbye

Written by: cathy aaron

he tells her he loves her as he kicks her across the floor. she's lying there,curled up 
in a ball,wondering if this is all,she will ever deserve.  she goes to the store,to buy 
the kids some milk and juice,but its no use,at the counter she realizes that her 
money is gone,he's out spending in on beer for all of his friends.  when she gets 
home,she finds that he's not alone.theres a woman who says he's her man! she 
looks dazed,she's amazed at the events that came next. she went to the bedroom 
and picked up his gun. this girl thats never hurt no one. she took his life first,and 
then she looked the other woman right into her eyes,started to cry,put the gun to 
her own head,said goodbye...she died.