Another Round

Written by: Fantise Mack

what to do what to say

nothing seems to go my way

i feel lost and confused but what can i do

should i cry? should i hide? or pretend nothing is wrong?

i hate listening to the same song that you sing

because after the millionth time it doesn't mean a thing

i shouted! i screamed! but what does that mean to you?

nothing. because YOU didn't hear me

you only care about what you say

everything else just vanishes away

like me. what should i do?

I'm going to forget you like how you forgotten me?

I've tried my whole life to forget you

to act like YOU never meant anything to me!

but every time you sung that song i was hooked again and again

to once again play the addicting game of pretend

but i can no longer hide the pain

its burying me alive with each fallen tear

tired of that song that you sing so dear

but i know after saying this to you

tomorrow it will just be a another round of what to do...