Nature Whispers

Written by: valeria iliadou

free verse(3)
Valeria Iliadou-Nature, Four In One

Billowing wind, hands can't tame your brunt
With holy oaths you unlock life's hunt.
Miracles are melting while sharp rain breaks,
As each loss is just a change
-Earth's fatal redemption-
An instinctive bending under the peal of a thunder,
A choice to silence the deafening mediation,
Hidden in holes dry.
Natural randomness, the path of a human life.
There is a stolen fire, divine
And guilty traces on human hands,
-You can smell smoke and coal on finger lines-
Rough lines, on them walking minds greedy.
Rockets fired and we applaud,
Yet the dawn of the fiery sun lies in the eyes of the wise,
And melodies are coming from the bottom of the ground,
In the midst of our time.
November. Birds are calling for peace,
Yellow birds, on yellow stones, on branches carved
On leafs' grace, they are calling for peace,
Seeking the days of the Summer,
When sun returned
Wise and peaceful
As a King crowned.