Mind Goes on and on

Written by: shirin neshat

You are so far, yet I can touch your heart
I can see your mind without you talking,
What happened to us? We used to be a brick!
Now we are just apart like a coca-cola glass bottle's,
Sitting side by side facing opposite directions.

I miss those days that we talk & talk about us non-stop,
And its funny how we wouldn't stop,
Your eyes are as clear as crystal,
Your smile is warm & charming,
Your hands are soft yet strong,
We send each other love notes here & there,
Pretend in front of others we are just friends,
I miss those days we had,
What happened to us?

No matter what you will do memories won't fade away,
They are there like a soar of thumb in your face,
No matter how much you wash your face,
Yet the images in your vision play like a poppet show in your mind,

Now my mind is talking on its own,
Thinking about all of our memories good & bad,
Its ahead of my hand writing,
It goes on and on talking...