Queen of Hearts

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

EARTH and WATER luckier than me
Caressing beauty which is mirage to me 

EARTH holding curvaceous body with passion
WATER doubling beauty through reflection 

WIND gently unzipping silky hair to seduce   
Unleashed fragrance zipping me into trance      

Slender loin stoking FIRE to engulf you in arms 
Togetherness itching for VOID full of loving charms 

Chiseled face alluring lips petal to lock
Taste the oozing love as if choc from rock

Flowing gown extending beauty farther
Through covers raising excitement further

Floating flowers singing romantic melody tunes
Keeping beauty awake with softly closed eyes  

EARTH, WATER, WIND, FIRE, VOID all awestruck 
Nature in elements, me in awe as lightning struck  

With no kingdom, beauty is still the Queen 
Queen of Hearts she is, coveted by each crown 

By Hitendra Mehta
For Members contest – Earthly Elements by Leighann Anderson