Written by: Ron Lanier

“I Am”, said God to Moses
You tell the Israelites:
“I AM has sent me to you”.
I Am the truth and light.

I am the very air you breath
I am your best friend 
I am with you alway
I am, and will not end.

I am the gentle breeze you feel 
On a beautiful summer morn
I am the mighty wind that blows 
And the quiet after the storm.

I am the snow that gently falls
And rises to your knees.
I am the light that glistens
Through naked winter trees.

I am the son that rises
I am the light that shines.
I am the one you call on
When things go wrong at times.

I am the God who knew you
Before you were even born.
I am the God of Abraham
I am with you when you mourn.

I am the stranger that you see
Who lends you a helping hand.
I am peace and love and truth
In a dark and weary land.

I am the living water
That makes you thirst no more
I am the bread of life
I am standing at your door.

I am omnipresent
Yet...I am in your heart
I am with you alway,
And never will depart.

I am your shield and comfort
When you're weary and dismayed.
I am peace within your heart
In the silence as you prayed.

I am God Almighty
I am El Shaddai
I am your Holy Father
The Holy Lord Most High

I am Him who is able
To keep you from your fall
I am He who provides for you
I am Lord of all.

I am God of the Universe
And the vastness that appears.
I am God Jehovah
The still small voice you hear.

I am now in you presence,
I am also in your past,
I am there in your future,
I am first and last.

                                                                        By:  Ron Lanier