To All Who Wonder

Written by: jeff eklund

To all who wonder to all of you
An urban myth, or is it true?
A story that happens after dark
A story set in a city park

An escaped deranged one-arm man
Who wears a hook in lieu a hand
Has gotten free the radio blares
He’s homicidal it declares

Two young teens lost in love
Practicing their craft then a shove
Was it the wind moving the car
Was it the maniac with the metal spar

They both jumped up to attention
He’s going out is his intention
Oh! be careful she did rave
No apprehension he was brave

Another scrape upon the doors
Her fear mounts, terror soars
I’m going out he again proclaims
She panics now, No! she exclaims

Before she knew it the handle scrapes
out the door the lover traipse
he looks around to her dismay
he jumps back in and wants to play

she’s too upset I want to leave
disgusted stomps the gas one big heave
as they roar out she takes a look
and on the handle a bloody hook

So if you’re out on a darkened night
Be careful make sure to do things right
It might be true it might be fable 
But beware the hook if you are able