Written by: Mohammad Yamin

Sometimes when I sink in my thoughts
I see the enchanting face of gone by years
In the wide open window of my heart
With my eyes blurred with gushing tears
When I take out my old albums to dust
And aimlessly turn over its pages
My mind is swept with a wave’s thrust
Drifting to the time of saints and sages

The time of serenity, peace and love
The time that is frozen in my album
Like glittering gems in a treasure trough
Like a fragrant rose’s ravishing blossom

Men and women with hearts of gold
Love, loyalty and purity of soul
Times when fidelities weren’t bought and sold
Amity and friendship were cherished goal

The glorious past now nowhere in sight
Greed and lust in forefront of mind
Licentiousness and lewdness give no respite
Kindness and sympathy nowhere to find

The earth plagued with demons of ugliness 
Leaches and vultures, oppressors and tyrants 
Sucking the blood and devouring with greediness
The flesh of oppressed, the infirm and infants

It is time for tyranny’s elimination
The call of vision is for me and you
Be a sword to slaughter the demon
Life to be spared of affliction and woe

February 20, 2011