Kerberos - A Dog's Myth

Written by: valeria iliadou

Atrocious guard of Darkness 
And Hadese's faithful pet.
Three heads enriching a body of scars,
Arriving to a fiery back-end of a dragon.
His sharp teeth he shows
To those who have crossed the river Styx,
To those who watch the years passing
From chinks bleary, missing the sun.
His skills are known, 
His power unique, as he eliminates any trespasser
With nails keen.
His eyes, these eyes combine fire with madness.
Inside them only Hell finds its missing shelter.
In channels of terror he walks
Day and night
Carving threats to those who died,
Yet face the misery of living inside those wet walls.
Maybe he is the true Guard of great gates,
Separating those who live from those who left the seasons,
Removing the coin from their mouth
-The payment of a lifetime-
Sending empty hands to empty cells.
And he accepts no visitors,
And he accepts no challenge,
As he is forming circles around human shadows
To mark his territory, as a real dog would do.