Written by: Sami Helbaoui

Last night wasn't the same
Last night I made you cry, instead of laugh
For that you slammed the door on me
I wished that you'll come back
I wished that you'll forgive me
But you never came... you left me alone
I sat down on my knees, regretting, thinking of what I have said
I wish that I had followed you
I wish that I had followed you on my knees begging
Because my pride is you, your happiness
I have lost my pride the moment you left me alone in the dark
I should be left in the dark.. alone, I made my angel, my starlight cry
My heart is now missing, because I gave it to you to hold
I'll walk around the world kneeling, begging for your forgiveness 
And if you give it to me, come back to me
I will hold you to me, to me closer than my heart and soul
Because you are the reason for me to live, to love
I hope for forgiveness, because I will never forgive myself..